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FLYADDICT LOCATION POSTING POLICIES encourages our members to post fishing reports. We want to know if the fishing was stupid good or if stunk out loud. We want to know what you were taking them on, what the water temp and level was, how you presented your flies, when you fished, what the tides were — information that other anglers may learn from. And of course, we enjoy photos.

What we don’t want posted is detailed location information. This includes, but is not limited to:

Small stream names. Many small streams and WTMAs cannot withstand increased angling pressure, or worse, poaching. We don’t need to know that you were fishing at Macedonia Brook Class 1 WTMA. Just leave it at “Fished a Class 1 today,” or “Fished a small stream.”

Specific spots on rivers. You may have landed 20 trout at Spare Tire on the Farmington, but the world doesn’t need to know the exact location. “Took 20 trout on Trico spinners in the upper TMA” is all that needs to be said. Remember, your honey hole may be someone else’s, too.

Specific lake and pond names. Had a bang-up day on Dog Pond? Congratulations! All we need to know in your report is that the bass were pounding your streamers in a pond in Litchfield County.

Specific salt locations. Many popular saltwater spots are seeing increased angling pressure, and as a result, increased traffic. Many of these spots also have limited access. “Tidal river,” “salt pond outflow,” “estuary,” “breachway in SoCo,” “outer beach on the Cape” — that’s about as specific as you need to get.

Naturally, you can get as detailed as you like with any member via the PM function. That's what it's there for.

Our goal is ultimately to improve the fishing experience for those who enjoy this wonderful sport. We also want to put the emphasis on helping people learn how to fish, not sending them to specific spots. Once someone reaches a certain knowledge and skill level, they’ll be able to recognize and find an unlimited number of locations and the most favorable conditions to fish them. The specifics of where you were turns people into report chasers, not better fly anglers, and creates a host of other potential problems, among them crowding, littering, noise, and other abuses of the privilege of fishing.

We're asking you to use common sense in accordance with these guidelines. If you have any questions, you can PM the site staff. We appreciate your support.



Flyaddict is a supporter of Catch & Release fishing. We kindly ask that you do not post pictures of dead fish.



While embraces the concept of dispensing information that our members might find useful, we reserve the right to decide what gets posted, and by whom. Here are some ground rules for posting information about events, meetings, classes, shows, etc.:

Anyone can post anytime promoting a non-profit event, meeting or organization that is relevant to fly fishing, i.e. FRAA, SRAA, TU, etc.

Anyone can post anytime promoting a free seminar or class, i.e. “Free fly tying clinic next Saturday at Fred’s Fly Shop.”

Anyone can post anytime promoting a relevant show (i.e. “Who’s going to the NE Fly Fishing Expo?”) as long as they are a consumer and do not stand to profit from the post, i.e. a show promoter or exhibitor.

All for-profit classes, shows, guide services, etc., (i.e. “Nymphing clinic at Fred’s Fly Shop next Saturday, $50 per person”) MUST be cleared with the site administrator(s) before they are posted. Failure to comply will result in the immediate deletion of the post, and bad fishing mojo will be cast upon you.

This will allow us to be better gatekeepers of the site’s commercial content, while allowing our members access to information we think they will find relevant and interesting.



While we do have several unobtrusive banner ads, we are (mostly) a non-commercial site. Our mission revolves around flyfishing discussion, reports, and information sharing.

We are NOT the place for you to advertise through posts.

If you really want to sell something via an online ad, please contact Todd K. Your ad must be in some way about fly fishing.

Of course, you may use the equipment for sale/trade forum for its intended purpose.