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Thread: The Great Sea Robin Migration of 2013

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    Default The Great Sea Robin Migration of 2013

    The fall run has been getting worse and worse every year, to the point where I really don't waste too much time or gas money chasing stripers in the fall anymore. But on Saturday I decided to take a break from all the trout and salmon fishing I have been doing lately to fish the full moon tide and see if there is any life in Long Island Sound at all.

    I arrived at the first spot in late afternoon and the water looked very fishy. The sky was overcast and the current was moving nicely, creating some real fishy looking rips. I was on the water for about 15 minutes when to my amazement I felt a light pull on the end of the line. I set the hook and could tell it wasn't a big fish. Since I haven't caught a striper in months, I would settle for a small one at this point. But alas, about two seconds into the fight the fish was no match at all for my 8wt. Even a 9" bass pulls harder than this. Must be some kind of bycatch. Sure enough, it was a small sea robin. I caught another, and then another, and then another all in short order. Well despite the sea robin bite being red hot, I decided to leave fish to see if I could find fish-of the striped kind.

    Spot #2 was a sandy flat in Fairfield county. The water there felt warmer than the air. I started casting to the likely looking spots and soon I was rewarded with a good solid tug on the end of the line. "A striper for sure" I thought to myself, but soon again the fish was not much of a match for the 8wt. This one was a trophy sea robin, the biggest one I ever caught! Still fought like a wet blanket though. After catching about a half dozen more I gave up on this spot too and headed elsewhere.

    I arrived at the third spot as the sun was setting. I spent 45 minutes casting to nothing before calling it a day. Oh well, back to trout, salmon and steelhead for now.
    Rats off to ya!

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    Default Hero shot?

    What the heck, man? I was totally expecting a hero shot added to this post. Seems like all we have to look forward to anymore on the CT shores is that illustrious run of the winged ugly ones!

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    Went to the sound in Stratford, got there too early as I always do, the tide had just started to pull out. I waded out like a fool on the sand bars and got casting practice until 1230 or so. A few boats were catching but there was no way I could reach with a flyrod.
    A few more guys showed up at the proper time and someone parked a little down from me and asked about any luck. At that point, the answer was no, not yet, and as I said yet, I had my first fish on. A schoolie, but a good fighter just the same, maybe 16". My neighbor hooked up as well within 10 seconds. Same size fish. He hooked up a few more times, I did not, I would say it was a little slow because even he left by 145. More fish would have been fun, but I finally gave up at 2pm and made my way back to the car. It was a beautiful day down there, as I am sure today will be, but the fish werent around in great numbers.

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