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    One of my favorite rivers is loaded with Hickory Shad. What a blast they are to catch on the long rod. Many were 20 inches plus.
    Jumping fools . small chartruse clouser did the trick. I know many people consider them just to be bait for blues and stripers
    but on light tackle - they are an excellent game fish.
    If you have a yak, PM me and I'll tell you where to go to find them.
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    You are right on.They are lot's of fun. Not sure they get the respect they deserve. Their jumping ability and their size are real close to the L.L. Salmon we will be driving 450 miles to catch in 3 weeks. If they were in a trout stream I bet they would draw a crowd. I have caught them up the CT.River as far north as Wethersfield at this time of year and for all I know they may go as high as the Farmington River up to the fish ladder. If I were teaching a young child to fly fish they would be one fish I would target along with the snapper blues. Instant Gratification.

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