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Thread: ASMFC decision day meeting this Wednesday

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    Default ASMFC decision day meeting this Wednesday

    From a friend posted on another site, Patrick Paquette, MSBA

    This coming Wednesday (October 29) The ASMFC SB Management Board will select the final options for Addendum IV to Am 6 of the SB Manamgent Plan.

    The meting is being held at the Mystic Hilton Hotel, 20 Coogan Blvd, Mystic CT. Meeting starts at 10:15 am and is scheduled to go until 6:30 pm.

    The reduction is not a done deal by any way. Current polling of Commissioners etc indicates that although it is likely the new reference points will be adopted the biggest vote in play is the choice of taking the reduction in one year vs 3 years. This is huuuuuge for us in New England because if they choose the three year phase in and do not achieve the needed reduction we will surely be looking at seasons in the near future. Which would you rather give up, May or Sept? Simply put, we must encourage ASMFC to take the reduction in 1 year so that we have a likelihood of achieving the target.

    If you want to skip the initial presentations and show up for just the real debate...I predict the real discussion and motion making will start after lunch around 1pm.

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    Looks like (pretty) good news....

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    Yeah, not bad. The more I think about it the more I think they should do the same they did for fluke and raise the minimum each year to protect the 2011 year fish. 28" for next year, 32" for the year after, then 36" for 2017. Leave it at 36" until things get back to good. Maybe start slotting the fish again for a few depending on how things are looking. Maybe this would get things corrected faster. Few years instead of ten years.
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