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    My name is Branden, I grew up in Roxbury / Southbury area and have been spin-fishing every small river and stream in the area, and did some occasional bass fishing. I got a fly rod last year, watched a BUNCH of online videos and tried my luck. I got pretty good at casting but fell into a thing were I only used buggers / streamers. I'm slowly learning about nymphs and dry flies and such. I've never fly fished with another person. I just go solo and learn on my own. I mainly fish Roxbury, Bridgewater, Washington, Woodbury and Southbury areas. I hope to learn a lot!


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    Welcome to the addiction.....
    GAWN FISHIN'.... <*((((((((><

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    Welcome BLyfe.

    I fall into fishing buggers/streams quite a bit! Sometimes they're the best option, and sometimes they're just how I like to fish.

    Cheers -- Jonny
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