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Thread: Block islaaaaaaand!!!!!!

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    Cool Block islaaaaaaand!!!!!!

    So I've never been to BI for an overnighter. Typically, I'll go w/ my girls for the day just to enjoy the beach and scenery. I've seen feeding frenzies on the water a few times, but was never equipped for fishing. We just rented a house on the north part of the island away from the hustle & bustle. Private/secluded beach, 1/4 mile driveway to the house. We'll be there from 6/17 through end of June. All the reports I'm reading tell me this is PRIME TIME for Stripers on the Block, and the Blues don't come in heavy til July, so we won't have to be shaking those guys off the line. I'm so friggin stoked. Any intel anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Man, this site has seen better days. Did the novelty wear off? Where has the local fly fishing community gone? Don't tell me fishing, because I've been on the Farmy a few times since last fall and have had the river pretty much all to myself. I see a guy who's always fishing over near the Collinsville bridge by Job Lot. Is that still you Pete?
    GAWN FISHIN'.... <*((((((((><

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    The place you're staying at sounds like the house I've been in! Is is the one by the Sacred Labyrinth? If yes - Hellen is still the owner of that house?

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