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    it's done even though it 's a two day's late. I was given the pair of Black Crow feathers. from a friend who is a Native American. always had great conversations with him, when he was around, he never owned a car an walked everywhere he went or asked for rides. once a year he would head up to the north country for there season "POW WOW" for a few weeks. Always looked forward to his new stories. an time spent together. Sad to say he will never get to see this fly. his passing is bittersweet, the fly is done but a friend is GONE. with that said I know he would have relished seeing an keeping this fly. I named this fly as I know this is where he is now. This fly has 32 feathers in it. an I will frame it and hand it an with every glance I will see him. "BLOOD BROTHERS FOREVER"

    the name of the fly is " NAMIDA "
    Translation "STAR DANCER"
    Namida chippewa for Star Dancer.JPG

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    Sorry to hear about your friend. Great way to immortalize his memory. I was thinking to myself, I sure hope he's not going to fish this fly....LOL. Although, when my best friend passed away 17 years ago, I had just moved to CT. At his funeral, his father handed me his small tackle box to keep. The following weekend, I was fishing a small pond in a very heavy fog. Feeling nostalgic, as he'd been my fishing partner since we were teenagers, I was having a conversation with him, when I decided to tie on one of the lures from his tackle box, because nothing else was working. On the very first cast, I caught the largest pickerel I've ever caught in my life, followed in short succession by a few other hard fighting largemouth and pickerel. In a moment of reflection, it turned from a dead morning on the water, to a memorable one. I believe our friends are always watching over us. I can only hope when we die, that we'll be able to fish, and not just watch other people fish...That would be torturous.
    GAWN FISHIN'.... <*((((((((><

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