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Thread: Edison Flyfishing Show- my $.02

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    Default Edison Flyfishing Show- my $.02

    After attending the Somerset Flyfishing show for the past several years, heres my 2 cents on the new location. Parking basically the same as Somerset. one problem I had was that no longer are seminars /flytying free. You used to be able to attend them all because they were located outside the main venue. They are now located inside so you have to pay the admission price . So no longer is there a lobby thats set up with a few tiers, & magazine reps. & also a bathroom. Everything is inside. The aisles were wide so you no longer bump & grind your way through the show. There were 2 casting ponds which was great but you couldn't hear the guest caster . A few new vendors, Fly tiers were set up all together ,seemed like a few more were there. One major problem was with the seminars,which are no longer in individual rooms, they are in areas separated by curtains which works very little as a sound barrier. Unless you are sitting next to the presenter, you are unable to hear what the speaker is saying..I was 3 rows away & heard nothing. Lighting was a problem because 1 switch controlled the whole area so presenters were using cell phones to light the way. The Fly tiers were less than previous years, the one I wanted to sit in on was sched. for sun. & I wasn't going to pay $18 to sit in on something I couldn't hear. The Beer Garden was very small, $6 /beer. limited tables for seating.Chuck Furmisky (co director) was taking notes & is aware of all the issues for next years show. One other issue was the suggested Hotels. Complaints I got were that the Sheraton was old & dirty, tiny bar,limited meal selection..some will not stay there next year. I stayed at the Extended Stay, old, smells, no coffee pot/water cups but I bring my own coffee pot. The Marriott , I heard no complaints. Missing was the commaderie we had at Somerset, we had no central meeting place where you could BS with total strangers.... I will probably go next year but no longer make it a weekend event . I have confidence the issues will be worked out, change is difficult. Interested in what anyone else thought .

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    I haven't been to any shows in years for a list of reasons, a few of which you list above, and a few which are matters of personal preference. Bottom line is they're not as fun as they used to be,, and that's what it's all about.
    GAWN FISHIN'.... <*((((((((><

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