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    Fished with Capt. John McMurray out of Jamaica bay a few days ago. Caught 7 albies in 2 1/2 hours charter. I caught most using 10wt intermediate line with 20lb F.C. tippet. Then , later I changed to floating line and caught a few more. My silverside pattern worked for a few for my friend but John's small albie whore fly worked a lot better.
    I wouldn't use any rod lighter than 9wt for these strong running fish. I have broken my 9wt
    on an albie a few years ago. Tight Lines!

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    Nice! the season is upon us. I wait all year to have shots at these demons.

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    Seriously awesome!

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    nice pic!!!!
    "There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot." Steven Wright

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    Thanks! Hope they'll stick around in Northeast area for a while.

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