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Thread: A running, permanent list of good books?

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    All fishermen are liars is finally done. It didn't excite me much - the first time I've said this about one of JG's books - probably because it's the 8th or 9th of his I've read. It felt overly familiar and without challenge. It was worth reading because the writing is so good, but perhaps like any good writer (by which I mean the tiny minority) the depth of thought in his earlier books has already been captured and explored, and we're going round again. What's left is a sequence of fishing stories which are nice enough - the usual gems float by but they're starting to feel isolated. At least the writing never (ever) drops into the tedium of tackle, leader composition, fly selection, but we get close with chapters on Tenkara and fishing lodges.

    I've enjoyed JG's books as much as any others I've read. His talent deserves to explore new themes and angles, but of course this is up to him.

    Chances are high I'll buy the next one anyway, and there's probably a lesson in there.

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    Your analysis of that book was pretty much like mine. Sometimes a little familiarity is a good and comforting thing, but I have so much trouble finding writing that surprises me that it (i.e. good writing that surprises me) is really what I want.
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    great book, thanks for this, any other books you can recommend?
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