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Thread: Poachers

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    Interesting notes about overplaying fish. I fished greenwoods last week and there was someone in the pool that evidently hooked a very large fish. I didn't see the fish but the time it seemed it took him to land the fish was incredible(5 more likely 10 minutes). I could tell he was fighting the fish because of the continued sound of his drag, he would reel it in and and it would make a run, it seemed to happen like 10 or 15 or more times. I can't imagine how big this fish was. I had landed a fish in the 16 - 18 inch range and it took me 1-2 minutes at most to land it. Etierh his fish was amonster or he liked teh sound of his drag.

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    Or it was foul hooked. When a fish is foul hooked it can take a while to get in, the best thing to do in that case is cut the tippet, or point the rod straight.

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    Agreed, foul hooked fish feel like twice the size.

    Given the location, though, my blind guess would be micro tippet.
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    Default Poachers

    FYI I dont know what type of co operation you would get from the local Police but they can enforce all state statutes within their jurisdiction. That includes violations of statutes pertaining to fishing/ hunting regs. In most cases the offense is a misdemeanor and a summons would /can be issued to the offender.
    Even if a custodial arrest were to take place the local police can and should be able to process the offender.

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