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Thread: Last week, while most of you were sleeping...

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    Default Last week, while most of you were sleeping...

    ...a few of us were out following the tides into the very wee hours of the morning. Sucks going to bed at 3:30am, then getting up to take the kids to school by 8am, but sometimes that's the price of admission to the Stripers Feeding on Herring Show. I know, cry me a river, Steve. It was a pretty good week; not lights-out spectacular, but not awful either. We hooked and landed fish most nights, and while none of the bass could be considered cows, we did run into a few that exceeded the 15-pound mark.

    I fished the entire week with my five-weight, greased-line swinging some large flatwings. I took more fish this year on the dangle and the slow return retrieve than in previous years. Funny how every year truly is different. Here are a few pictures of things that went bump in the night.

    Open wide. The last thing a herring sees before it makes the transition from procreator to Blue Plate Special.

    Bob used his two-hander most nights. Here's a nice 31"er he landed. Bob is much happier about it than he looks . Really.

    My new personal best on the five-weight, a chubby bass of 33". 15 pounds if she's an ounce. What a ride. There are some shoulders there.

    Todd had a great night fishing my Rock Island flatwing, pictured below. A few of his bass were pushing the 3-foot mark.

    I didn't do so bad myself with the Rock Island. Here's a 30"er taken on the greased-line swing, fly lodged in the corner of the mouth, right where it's supposed to be.

    Steve Culton
    “We fish for pleasure; I for Mine, you for yours.”
    — James Leisenring

    I promise this doesn't suck: currentseams

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    Nice work. Cool to see some keepers.

    A question for Bob - what type of line and casting technique are you using with the two handed rod? Also, is it a full spey rod or switch rod? Thinking about taking my switch rod on the next salt outing. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmalchoff16 View Post
    A question for Bob
    You mean Marlon Brando, right? ;-)
    Offensive. Do not read this.

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    The rod is a 13 footer with a floating skagit head. I am using an intermediate tip to get the fly down a bit deeper when needed.
    Rats off to ya!

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